Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Student Profile

Alex Raminfar

Part-Time Evening Program

Alex Raminfar's heavy involvement in law school life is no accident. The third year evening student has always believed in the importance of seizing opportunities, making connections and getting a head start. As an undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara, he served as Controller for the Associated Student Body and head manager of the men's basketball team.

"I've always been pretty active. The most important part of education is taking a proactive role, interacting with students and professors," he said. "In law school, it really does kind of open your eyes to more than just the casebook."

During his second year at Southwestern, Raminfar, 24, was SBA Vice President-Evening. He was then elected American Bar Association Governor of the 9th Circuit at the ABA Law Student Spring Meeting and Election last March.

"The most important aspect of my job as the Southern California and Hawaii representative to the ABA Law School Division is to stand for the (collective) voice of these schools and their students," he said. He recognizes that the time he puts into these efforts will also pay personal dividends. "For me, law school is all about networking, and this position has given me an incredible opportunity to make connections."

But his involvement extends beyond law school and its associated activities. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Raminfar is a first generation American son of Persian immigrant parents who seizes opportunities whenever they arise. He's fluent in Farsi and took a 10-day trip to Israel he attended as part of a birthright program.

He chose the part-time evening program at Southwestern specifically so he could work during the day and loves his current job with Warner Brothers Digital Distribution and New Media Clearance in the corporate legal department. "Any kind of business law that gives you the ability to counsel interests me. That's why I enjoy it," he said. "In Entertainment Law it's working for a common goal: getting the movie done, getting the TV show done and I want to be a part of it."