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Alicia Matricardi

Alicia Matricardi

Full-Time Day Program

Alicia Matricardi went to law school to "gain a seat at the table." She knew the degree would help to open doors for her, enabling her to find ways to help neighborhoods grow through the use of the law: real estate law, health law, transportation planning law, and family law. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Matricardi worked at a non-profit economic development company that built housing specifically for low-income, single-parent families, targeting Latinas who needed safe, decent, affordable places to live and raise their families. She taught financial literacy classes to teen moms at this development company, New Economics for Women, and worked to raise money and organize the construction and programming for a 10,000 sq. ft. building that would combine primary healthcare services and economic development programs for low-income families in Pico-Union. 

While at Southwestern, Matricardi worked for Professors Michael Scott and Eileen Gauna, was active in the Latino Law Students Association, and served as the Law Student Liaison to the American Bar Association's Public Utilities, Communications, and Transportation Law Section. She wrote a paper on Transportation Equity and the Bus Riders Union versus the Los Angeles MTA, "Los Angeles Missed the Bus: Lessons in Transportation Equity," which has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy. She was also awarded the Hagman Scholars Award for her performance in Professor Kushner's course on Land Use Planning and Control.

Matricardi has long been interested in the way that cities work with public and private institutions to create economic development programs that help to empower people to think broadly about what they could do to better their lives. Law school was the next step in her plan to work towards building a career in this direction, and she is excited about using her degree to continue this work in the future.