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Anne Goldin

Anne Goldin

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Anne Goldin's writing didn't just impress her Southwestern professors: it made an impact on the Ivy League. Her paper, "The California 'Three Strikes' Law: A Violation of International Law and a Possible Impediment to Extradition," was one of eight student papers selected - and one of only four from law schools other than Yale - to be presented at Yale University's Sixth Annual Young Scholar's Conference.

Goldin attended the March event, where Dean Harold Koh of Yale Law School provided her with feedback. "My argument was that the 'Three Strikes' law may be viewed by other countries as a violation of human rights law, and this may lead to extradition conflicts," she said.

A Lead Articles Editor for the Southwestern Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas, Goldin credits Professor Jonathan Miller with giving her the idea for her article when she was a student in his Law Journal Seminar in Fall 2006. She says Professor Miller and other Southwestern faculty, including Professors Lutz, Faerman, Raeder, Carpenter and Parrish, helped her cultivate a passion for international human rights and criminal law and provided her with feedback on her article, which she has sent out for publication.

Although Goldin is originally from the Los Angeles area, her recent trip back east took her near familiar territory. She earned her B.A. in Religious Studies and B.S. in Business Administration at Boston University. There she took a class about genocide around the world taught by famed author, intellect and Holocaust survivor Eli Weisel. His class piqued her interest in genocide and pursing a career in international work.

She wanted to return to L.A. to pursue her law degree. "Southwestern has a great reputation in Los Angeles," Goldin said, and she seized all the opportunities she could during her time in law school, completing a summer externship in Argentina (she's fluent in Spanish) and working two summers at Human Rights Watch. She has also been a part-time paralegal at Hadsell & Stormer, a civil rights law firm in Pasadena where she had the opportunity to work on the Doe v. Unocal international human rights case.

With an interest in litigation, criminal and international law, Goldin is currently externing in the Public Defender's office where she was recently hired for full-time employment after graduation. "I never thought I would be a litigator before coming to law school. I like writing, and I am looking forward to developing my other trial skills," she said.