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Shanna MooreShanna Moore

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SCALE student Shanna Moore loves to learn. "I am a sponge," she said. "I don't think there is anything on this earth that I don't have some interest in." During the years prior to law school, the Long Beach native attended Boston University and then transferred to San Francisco State University, where she completed two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Journalism and Vocal Jazz. She worked in several entertainment-related positions, including as manager for syndicated operations at Paramount in New York City, which included shows such as "Montel Williams," "Judge Judy," and "The Insider." She spent nearly three years doing this but became restless and craved another opportunity to challenge her mind and gain knowledge. "I just felt like, we're not saving lives here. We're putting commercials on TV." Then CBS downsized and Moore was laid off, which she referred to as "the happiest day of my life."

She returned to Southern California in 2007 and applied to Southwestern, initially considering a part time program so she could continue to work. But she ultimately chose the two-year accelerated program. "Joining SCALE has by far been the best decision I ever made," she said. "What I like most about SCALE is probably what stresses me the most, too: it never stops. There's no opportunity to second-guess what you're doing. That's a good lesson for life. I think SCALE teaches you how to do this."

She enjoys the synergy of the SCALE program, the way her professors teach and give students the tools to deal with real-life scenarios in legal practice. Her favorite classes have been "anything taught by Professors Joerg Knipprath, Karen Smith or Butler Shaffer." Because Moore has an interest in pursuing international entertainment law (with a specific focus on related tax law), she chose to spend the summer studying abroad and participated in Southwestern's International Entertainment Law Program in London. She especially enjoyed Professor Jeff Biederman's course in international transactions.

Although SCALE keeps her very busy, Moore has delved into campus life. She is a member of BLSA, where she was recently named Best Oralist at the Moot Court Competition that was part of the organization's Western Regional Convention in Las Vegas (Moore and teammate Maria Olaguez also won Best Petitioner's brief). Additionally, Moore is a member of Women's Law Association, Entertainment Sports Law Society and Tax Law Society. She participated in Southwestern's VITA tax law program, served as a Dean's Fellow and assisted Professor Ron Aronovsky in researching an article about civil procedure.

These days, when she's not studying, Moore trains for marathons. She has run the Long Beach and LA Marathon several times and will run the LA event again in March. She considers SCALE an amazing adventure and admires the way the program is preparing her for the legal profession. "Every day we think like lawyers. I think because of the way our classes are structured - we take finals every six to eight weeks - we think about how to budget our time and manage deadlines. In SCALE, I feel like a practicing lawyer. I don't feel like a student. I feel like I'm learning on the job."