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Joshua S. BelkindJoshua S. Belkind

PLEAS Program

It was through an interesting turn of events as Joshua Belkind was studying Cinema & Television that he was led to the study of law. As an intern with Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation, he spent several months recording Holocaust survivors' testimonies in Los Angeles. Later as the Foundation's assistant international production coordinator, he found he was more intrigued by the legal issues that arose during this complex project than the film production work.

"It's exciting to know that Southwestern's extensive entertainment law curriculum is taught by many of the industry's most experienced litigators, corporate executives, and legal scholars."

Discovering a new focus, Josh secured a job as the legal affairs coordinator at Walt Disney Television. There, soon after learning the basics of contracts and negotiations, he was given the immense responsibility of drafting such documents and became "the only non-lawyer to participate in senior legal meetings at the ABC network every week." Josh soon recognized, however, that there was a limit to what he could accomplish without a legal education, and set his sights on law school.

Now a fully engaged law student, Josh finds himself coming full circle from what originally compelled him to study law: he considers the courses and activities under the purview of Southwestern's National Entertainment and Media Law Institute particularly appealing.