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Barry N. SullivanBarry Sullivan

Full-Time Day Program

Barry Sullivan has believed since early in his life that "your own future is in your hands, and can be molded into anything you truly want. That sentiment drove him to improve himself, despite a disadvantaged childhood in Kentucky. It also compelled him to find ways to serve as a positive role model and mentor for troubled youth.

"Southwestern prepares a law student for real life as an attorney."

He spent several years working with emotionally disturbed children at a comprehensive care center, and serving as an Independent Living instructor at a child welfare agency, supervising older teens who had been wards of the state. After those experiences and a stint in an auto assembly plant, Barry aspired to enter a profession where he could be a more effective advocate for young people.

While continuing toward that goal as a law student, he served as a law clerk/advocate at Protection & Advocacy, Inc., assisting patients with forensic/mental health law issues. He also took a summer clerkship with the Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office. In addition, Barry has found time to pursue community outreach efforts through his affiliations on campus with BLSA*, the Public Interest Law Committee, and APALSA**, the latter of which honored him as First-Year APALSA Member of the Year.

*Black Law Students Association
**Asian-Pacific-American Law Students Association