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Alex GrigoriansAlex Grigorians

Full-Time Day Program

One of the many young entrepreneurs interested in capitalizing on the rush of new technology in the 90's, Alex Grigorians was inspired as a young college student to create and develop an internet company. The startup evolved into an overnight success, with a client base that included leading corporations such as IBM and MacroMedia. As director of creative/technical development, Alex was exposed to the various aspects of running a new business venture. It was not long before he realized that "legal advice often runs the show."

"As much as I felt that I was in the 'driver's seat' concerning technology, I wanted the knowledge of the lawyers whose advice was so important in the shaping of our company and its future."

While observing the incisiveness and expertise of the lawyers, and the effect this had on the company's success, Alex became intrigued with becoming an attorney. After negotiating a favorable buyout for the company, Alex enrolled as a full-time student at Southwestern, where he utilizes his strategic planning and leadership skills to further the law school's connection with the community.

He has already served as Community Affairs Commissioner, coordinating the annual Mock Trial and Alternate Dispute Resolution programs that Southwestern students conduct for local elementary school classes. He was also recently elected as vice president of the Student Bar Association, and as president of the Armenian Law Students Association, continuing to contribute to many valuable new ventures.